Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I Be Late Night Bloggin.

What's outside my window: I don't know it's behind me. I'm facing the fish tank that Rich is working on. It looks clean and nice. He just said it's inspiring him to do more with it now. He had a Sunday of getting it full and working again. Salt water tanks are so delicate. I'm proud of him for creating this whole system that works. Sad it crashed because of an imbalance in the water. I admire his technical mind to get this thing created.

I am thinking: Well coming off of those lines above, it's back to thinking a little fuzzy. I'm thinking about this project board that is on our coffee table full of things but got side tracked by my phone that just had more than a few email notices pop up. Which reminds me I need to respond to a few. My mind is tired. I've had a highly emotional two days.

I am thankful for: Grace, Mercy, Peace, apologies, family, life.

My fashion statement at the moment...  Whew... well I'm looking less than fashionable. Light grey exercising pants with a red stripe down the side, and a turquoise shirt.I know It's not matching but the shirt has a v neck with a little gathering if it matters. I've naturally accessorized this outfit with a hair band around my wrist. Fashion forward for late night minds. Maybe not.
I'm positive you look better.

I want to: Look for an English club for my husband who's losing his accent. lol Just kidding, sort of maybe I'm not. Wouldn't that be cool though? I'm sure there are some around. I want to become a successful mommy and business woman! I want to accomplish all the things on this project board. I want to praise the Lord more. I want to loose weight. I want to travel. I want to be a better person. I want a mac laptop. I want a million dollars. Just a cool mil, I'd be ok with that lol. I want to own a business that is a uber cool work space with chalked walls, rip-sticks  segways, running tracks, coffee cafe, free food, fun creative atmosphere with a fantastic daycare for employees. I want more out of life.

I am reading: My screen. The words I am typing. Yep that's about it. Oh well maybe this question is about books? How about a kindle edition of The season of marriage, The Life You've Always Wanted, and man a lot of other books I've started but have yet to complete. My daughter just told me I should read the book she's been reading called Hipster Christianity. I read, but usually not for fun.

I my tomorrow goal is to: Survive in peace!

On my mind at this moment: it's 1:46 should I go to sleep? Yes and goodnight.

Pondering things: wait not goodnight I have a few more questions to answer. I'm pondering if this is the same question as above?? Hmm. I'm pondering if the teenage stage my kids are going through is in fact just a stage.

I realize that: With these puffy eyes from crying, I'm going to look real crazy in the morning.

Deep word: Humble yourself before others such as your kids humble you.

Around the kitchen:There is a mess and a big bag of mints on the counter top.

Around the house: There is a mess. A mess of a mess's mess.

I love... God.

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