Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Thankful November Week 1

So I'm going to blog my Thankful November days a week at a time.

Day 1. I'm thankful for being alive.
Yes. I am. Thank you Lord for my life! You have blessed me with so much. What an awesome God you are!

Day 2. I'm thankful that my family puts up with me.
LOL Yes, really I am. I can be more than a handful at times. They put up with my weirdisums. My husband is a trooper in dealing with my "feisty" attitude at times. My kids well I think they tune me out and and good days they join in with my wacky and tacky doings. They love me anyway.

Day 3. I'm thankful my husband loves me and tells me that he does.
He does! He tells me every day that he loves me and that I'm beautiful. I get to hear it in a British accent too ;P

Day 4. I'm thankful God hasn't thumped me off the earth.
My God! My God! He has not forsaken me! God is! I tell you, I am so thankful God puts up with the mess of a me there is. Thank you Father God!

Day 5. I'm thankful for Tony's Monday video Bible studies!
I get to see some great women of God and have them share wonderful things that help me grow spiritually!

Day 6. I'm thankful the political season is over.
Well at least the voting and TV ads are gone. I still see signs out but over all thank God it's done!

Day 7. I'm thankful to see day 7!
Speaks for itself. Thank you God.

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