Thursday, November 01, 2012

But Why?! ...and queue eye roll.

Hello Everyone,
I hope are all doing well in this Fall Season. My prayers are with those on the east coast affected by Hurricane Sandy.

We have been up to busy things. The girls had their first Fall Formal which is a dance that the SHARE Homeschool group does. 163 teens danced the night away on a Thursday night. The girls came home so excited and looking forward to Prom 2013. We didn't go to bed until after 1am. It was great to see them dressed up and ready to enjoy time with friends. They were sore the next few days from dancing lol! I guess they had fun!

Tonight we went to church when we usually don't do much for Oct 31st. The girls volunteered for the Western Theme night at church. We did enjoy it. I think I got more exercise from laughing at myself  attempting to square dance with Ashley than actually dancing!  Good times. 

Wait... you have 5 kids and you don't celebrate Halloween?? But Why?! (...and queue eye roll. )

Truth be told I've never been fond of Halloween. My mother told me the one time she tried giving out candy when I was little I would scream when she opened the door. She said I refused to put on a costume. I know I'm a strange one but I'm comfortable with that now. I did try a couple of times to celebrate but it just wasn't right in my heart.

Yes, I've seen some really cute and cool costumes but it still doesn't get me into the "Halloween" celebration.
Yes I still think your children are cute in those costumes.
Am I against costumes? Nope not at all.
My kids have costumes. They dress up any day they choose. Our littles one have a Princess Belle costume, Bee costume, Strawberry costumes, tutus, etc. The kids dress up even if it is a school day lol;), candy isn't forbidden, and we stay warm. What's to miss?

We have our fun in costumes just not in the spirit of Halloween. I know, people usually think we are strange and dull for not getting into the Halloween thing. We get judgemental comments and put downs for not participating every now and then. lol So much for open minds huh? We've heard we are no fun, those poor kids, you are missing out on... yada yada. It's a harmless fun night for the kids! Right?? Well just because most children are safe, cute and having fun doesn't mean it's all innocent. What's so bad about Halloween? Eh, honestly it never gave me peace. I associate it with celebrating the dead. As I recall the Lord gave us Life! Halloween has always been a satanic sort of thing to me. Is that stretching it? The history of it has been debated. I don't have peace in celebrating it. Have a look at this video it's part 1 of 4 

The rest of the videos are on this blog site if you care to see any further. 

While our family doesn't participate, I'm not alarmed that others do. We know to each is his own. Most of our friends do celebrate Halloween. I've seen tons of cute kids dressed up today. We are staying in our own lane and peacefully walk our own path. 

Now it's 50% off candy time and maybe we will find some cute costumes for tomorrow.

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patri said...

My son gave his heart to the Lord on Halloween shortly before his 4th birthday five years ago because he reasoned, even at that tender age, that Jesus does not want us to be scared of anything. Thanks for posting.