Monday, March 05, 2012

Musical, Creative and Microwaveless

Hello Everyone!
I hope your soon to be over winter season has been great. The first day of Spring is March 20th! Yay! We've had a rather mild winter but I am looking forward to warm weather.

So I've been up to the regular ol things. Our baby Fia is now 5 months old. She's a little delight! I find myself checking daily for teeth. No teeth yet! I love it because without teeth I can still have my "baby." I honestly think I might cry when she gets her first tooth/teeth. She's the happiest baby I've seen. Loving it! She will be 6 months on the 7th. She's trying to sit by herself now too. Our little one is trying her best to keep up with her 2 year old sister. Every time Helaina comes around Fia starts smiling and laughing. She's also got this one little curl on her head. It's so cute! This is one of the photo collages I did with picstitch and Instagram. This is after bath time.

Speaking of Fia's older sister, Helaina is on the go!  This was today at church. Goodness she's got energy!

She is very active little girl. There are times I wonder if I am too old for all this! Eh maybe not! 
Helaina has taken to her older sister's guitar. She's rather dramatic. Have a look at her playing if you can stand it. The ending is "rock star." 

Here older sisters are becoming active at church. I am so proud of them. Angela has joined the choir! Yay!! I'm so glad she is using her voice for the Lord. Ashley has decided to dance in the hiphop part of the Easter Trilogy. I'm so proud of them. Our son Adrian is growing by leaps and bounds. I had to rush out Wednesday to get him new jeans because he has out grown the ones he has. We are now shopping in the adult section for him. He's all leg now and we think he is going to be tall. We shall see!

So that's what's going on with the kiddos, now my project was to make a diaper bag right? Remember the pink one in the previous blog? I decided to scrap it. I wasn't comfortable with it. I wanted to start over. So I did. I wanted to follow a pattern or tutorial this time. I chose  Baby on the Go Diaper Bag. Mine doesn't look exactly the same but here it is. 

It's not as cute but hey it worked! I got the fabric from Joann Fabrics.  It was a no brainer for me to have to have our diaper bag dedicated to the Lord since we firmly believe children are a blessing from the Lord. My next sewing project will probably be simple dresses.

One of the biggest changes our family has implemented was a experiment to see if we could do without a microwave. It was something that had been on my mind for while. One day while cleaning up the kitchen, I got tired of how much space it took up on the counter top. So I discussed it with my husband and we agreed to try it. Well it's been at least 2 weeks or more and it's still gone! I am excited to go without the microwave. We've had great discussion about how the microwave may or may not effect the nutrition in food and water. My take on it, better to be safe than sorry! So far we've been doing just fine without it. It takes a little more time to do things but we don't mind it. Food tastes better and the skeptic in me feels like it will be healthier. 

So that's all for now! Oh! I just blogged on my photo blog check it out please!

...can't believe it's 4:40 am!

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