Friday, February 17, 2012

Projects and Such

Well Hello All! I hope this winter season has been a great one. For me it's been rather mild. I am ready for weather I don't need a jacket for though. Then again I'm always ready for that! I've got a few projects going at the moment.

Today I finished off some homemade diaper inserts. We use gdiapers and we love them. We were using the disposable/flushable liners which are great, but we are having to buy them all the time. So the cost effective advantage isn't there. We bought the Flip inserts but they have this ammonia odor that is just ugly! So I haven't used them much since we bought. After dealing with the smell all we could, we went back to using the disposable/flushable inserts. Recently I saw a tutorial on that I found fairly easy to use.  I don't have a serger so I did a zig zag stitch around the edges. I made them with soft fleece and a plain cotton cute fabric. Got it all on sale at Hancock Fabrics. Thank you to Kate for the tutorial! Hers look so much better. It was an easy project and a money saver! 

I'm in the middle of making our own diaper bag. 

We need a bigger diaper bag with a toddler and baby. I decided to take on the challenge of creating one that fit our needs. I have a list of things that we need to have and created the diaper bag off of that list. I've got the bag done with the pocket inserts inside. My problem now is it's flopping inward. I wanted the sides to be a bit more sturdy. So I'm trying to sort that out.  My son says it looks more like a nanny bag with the sides floppy. lol Thanks son!Guess what! Baby Fia turns 5 months today!  
She's such a snuggle bug too. Every morning she wakes up with a smile.  I hope she never loses that joy. I'm happy that all is well and she still hasn't got any teeth coming through! It keeps me in denial that she's growing up lol! She does like to try and talk which is too cute!

I am so very proud of my dear friend and sister Tony Robinson! She has written her first book and Wow what a great one it is! I can't say enough about her. Tony has been there for me every since my older kids were toddlers. She's seen me through good and bad. She's hung in there with me through my crazy times. She's talked sense into my head during my "I'm about to lose it!" moments. She's seen just about the worst of me and has always been able to bring me down to earth lol! I tell you, she, Tony Robinson has been a priceless friend. She's always given me great spiritual advice in every situation. She is an inspiration, an encourager, and a Well Watered Woman! I pray your cup runs over with blessings from the Lord! Please do purchase her book Water From The Well. You will be blessed!  I got my copy and saw she even put in a mention for measly ol me! Love you Tony!

Along with spiritual growth we've been doing the 100 days of Real food challenge for physical health. It's not bad! I am surprised at how easy it is to do. We've enjoyed the food and plan to stay on this path. I do wish our Whole  Foods store wasn't so busy. I have to figure out when the best time to go shopping there. Today I've decided besides the Tofu Chocolate Pie, I like the Strawberry Parfait! We make them in these little cups. Yes we do recycle them! I think after we are finished we will invest in some better clear cups we'll keep. So we use some granola we found at Target by Archer Farms it's French Vanilla Almond Crunch. (lol wait does this count as "real food" since I'm not making it??) , Maybe I will looking to trying to make it. Not sure yet but anyway we use that Granola, strawberries, drizzle it with honey, and then Vanilla Yogurt. I repeat until the cup is full. Yummy!

Just closing with this, I made these little shoes for Helaina. She rarely wore them. I am so happy baby Fia can! I plan on making a few more shoes for her but using a different pattern. They are so easy to make! I haven't found a pattern I've settled on yet. I've just done a google image search on "Make baby shoes" and saw all the cute shoes! Oh brain overload! Ok on that note, I'm out. Enjoy your day!

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