Friday, November 11, 2011

Thankful...just thankful

I've noticed some of my friends on Facebook have been posting the things they are thankful for during the month of November. I like this idea so I think I will blog mine. I hope I can do daily posting! :)

Day 1- I am thankful for an magnificent God. It's amazing to have a God that words can not describe how wonderfully creative He is and how deep His love is for us. God is magnificent is countless ways. He has saved me from harm and allows me to have free will to do as I do. Even when I have run a muck of things God is there showing me the detours to get me out of it. So much to say but my words are so minimal in comparison. So just know, today and everyday God is magnificently working in our lives. I don't brag about my love for Him because I will fail Him but I can say He loves me and you anyway. He is greater than me and I am thankful for that! lol I bet you are too ;). Today and everyday I am thankful for an magnificent God.

Day 2- I am thankful for my husband. He is an handsomely amazing man. His heart is home and that is an irreplaceable blessing. He provides, he cares, he supports and he encourages us daily. He tells me I am beautiful everyday. Yes even when I am "comfortable" in sweats and worn out t-shirts with spit up down my back,  he tells me I am beautiful :). He is always there when I need him. He's great father to our 5 children. He makes no separation between his step children and biological children. They all proudly call him dad. I look forward to growing old with my honey. God has really blessed me with an amazingly loving spouse. As we  grow older each year together we get to know one another even more. Marriage is amazing. Marriage Rocks! You'd think you would know a person you've been married to after a while but God is amazing in renewing our relationship, letting us find out new things about ourselves through out the years. I am proud and delighted to say my husband is very intriguing and I'm so blessed God chose him for me. Today and everyday I am thankful for my husband.

Day 3 - I am thankful for my children. They drive me nuts at times but they keep me grounded. My life would be boring with out them. Each of them bring something special to our family life. Ashley has this quirky personality that adds an element of delight. She's such a creative fun girl. Our house is awakened but her huge laugh that's heard throughout. She's got an incredible quirky gift creativity and voice. God has blessed her with this soulful singing voice that is beyond her years. Angela is our family's "Legally Blonde" character. No she's not blonde but she is such a "pink princess" but has a very business woman attitude when needed. I know if I ask her to take charge she will. If there is something that needs to be address, Angela is front and center taking care of business. In the same essence of the business side, she is such a princess. She loves all things girly and pink. She and her sister both have this amazing sense of humor. They play off of one another and have me laughing daily.  Adrian, wow, God sent me a boy!! He's our only boy and holds his own pretty good. He's a very shy and interesting young man. Adrian is such an intelligent kiddo. He has a slight perfectionist streak in him which makes him take his time with what ever he is doing. Adrian is creative and likes to invent and animate things. He's growing into a gentleman in helping his mom around the house lately. Helaina is a little bundle of toddler joy. She's got some tell all expressions. Everyday she's learning something new. She loves to run and laugh. She's a smart girl too. Her older sisters and brother have enjoyed watching her grow. I remember when I had an ultrasound with her in the 1st trimester. They all looked and asked, "Is that it??" They are now amazed at how she's grown and growing. They talk frequently about how they can't imagine her being older. She's got these big brown/hazel eyes, curly hair and cute dimples that are hard to resist. Right as I was typing this, Adrian who is supposed to be doing his school work can't seem to resist goofy around with his little sister. I do admit she is a fun kiddo. Baby Fia....awwww! She's so cuddly, so precious and heart warming. She's smiling and cooing now. We'll drop what we are doing to come over to see her flash a smile or coo. She's quite a serene kid and loves to be held. We don't mind it. She's got these big blue eyes that we love to gaze into when she'll let us. Fia being 2 months old sleeps most days. The moments she's awake she's got our undivided attention. Even Helaina likes to give baby Fia kisses and hugs. She's tried to feed her and brush her hair too.
I have so many great memories with them and we are always making more. As the kids grow it is a bitter sweet experience. They are growing more independently and I find my self doing a tug o war with their independence. One minute I'm like no way no how! The next I'll enjoy their independence because I find I'll have freedom. My heart longs for them to grow into honest, God loving/fearing adults. So far they seem to be on that path. My heart smiles when I think of how God has blessed me with them. Today and everyday I am thankful for my children. - Oh my word! God made me a MOM!??

Day 4 - My past trials. Why? Because God used them to make me stronger. I am thankful for the wisdom and strength it has brought me. I didn't and don't like to go through them but I am thankful for the end result. I know that if I had not gone through so trials or challenges in life, I wouldn't appreciate the value of Life as much.

Day 5- LIFE! I am thankful for life! Life is a wonderful thing. It's so fragile and so important. We aren't promised tomorrow so making everyday worth living is ideal. Not always achieved but ideal lol.  I do hope with the life I've been blessed with I have encouraged others or simply made them smile. I hope with this life I'm given that I don't hinder others but help them in a positive way. I don't want to be an example of what not to do, although I am. I am striving to be a great example for good. I want to be remembered as a great person. I don't want people to see me coming and dread it thinking or saying, "Oh no here she comes." I hope to be a person others are glad to know. Life is a gift. Each one of us different and special. I find that I love those who are very different from me. Those that are out of the box thinkers, those that reach out and achieve, those that don't live to what the world has labeled them as, I want to know more and experience a bit of their world. God gives us life, it's up to us to live it. Today and everyday I am thankful for life.

Day 6 - I am thankful for those who I call friend. Those that are in my life now I thank them for spending time with me. I'm thankful they care enough to look over my goofy and strange ways. I am thankful they like me for me. Thank you for keeping me company, giving me a positive word, encouraging me, building me up and sharing a laugh or several. I thank you for being there during my dark times. Only a few have seen inside of those times. Others have only seen the outside. I appreciate my friends who truly rejoice with me in my achievements and blessings. Notice I said truly, because I know there are those that snare, smirk or say rude things instead but still call me "friend". lol Don't worry I don't intend to return the behavior. There is no blessing to them or me in that. To my friends, old, new, close, soon to be close, and distant... Thank you.

Day 7 - Modern science. When I think of how easy my life is compared to those who lived before electricity, advanced medical care, washing machines, igagets, coffee makers, showers, toilets, etc, I appreciate the hard work and innovation others before me have done. I appreciate those who worked and achieved despite how difficult it was. Our lives are made easier by the perseverance and sweat off another's brow. I'm thankful for the failed attempts that lead to success. I'm thankful they had determination not to quit but to achieve the goal and vision that God set in their hearts. Today and everyday I am thankful for modern science.

Day 8 - I am thankful for homeschooling! Some days lol, just kidding. Even on the hardest days when I want to flag down the nearest school bus to put them on, I am thankful for the option. We get up each day with a flexiable schedule. We have the pleasure of teaching our children in the way they learn, in their own timing, in safe environments, and in comfortable setting.  We have the privilege to skip the bullying, peer pressure and stress that seem to infiltrate the public schools. We socialize with ease and learn as we please. I'm proud and thankful today and everyday for having the privilage to homeschool.

Day 9 - I am thankful for our health. Health is a priceless gift. I often wonder why I was the one to be a "chronic asthmatic" in my family. I remember days of being sick and lying in hospital beds. I was frequently in the hospital. They would come in and tell my mom that my lungs were full of fluid and I had a 50/50 chance. I never really knew what the other 50% chance was. All I knew is I could get better. All I had on my mind as a child is playing and seeing my friends. I didn't really know my mother's fear and struggle behind having a sick child. Now as a mother I know a little about it but not to the extreme of my mother's experience. My children have had 2 episodes of ER trips for asthmatic symptoms brought on by allergies. I was never told 50/50. They were discharged the same day. I've read about the cancers and various life threatening diseases that have invaded lives, only to take precious loved ones. It saddens my heart and causes me to say a prayer for them. Health is precious. I am thankful for my family's health. We have been blessed with no hospital ER trips since 2008. We pray to keep it that way! Today and everyday I am thankful for our health.

Day 10 - I am thankful for comfort. I am thankful that I have had a comfortable life. Even when we didn't have much growing up, we still had shelter in a safe place. We had clothes and food. We may not have had a lavish lifestyle but I sure know that God blessed us with what we had and do have today. Today and everyday I am thankful for my comfort.

Day 11- I am thankful for our military, and those who serve selflessly. I am thankful that even though I have no idea what they go through, have been through or what they are going to go through for me, they choose to do it. I am forever grateful for their big hearts. May God bless each and every person giving selflessly, Veterans and active duty. It's a blessing that someone we probably will never know cares so much for our freedom and our lives that they will put themsleves in harms way to protect us. I proudly Thank you.


N'na the Goodhealthdiva said...

Yeah another homeschooling mom!!!!
So refreshing to see a homeschooling, thankful mom online!
I actually write a Thank You note in my prayer journal each night and many of the things on your list are the same on mine. May God continue to give you more and more things to be thankful for!

Tawanna said...

Thank you! It's great to know others do the same things. Many Blessings to you!