Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Time flies

Hello All,
Just wanted to give a quick update. Our little Fia is now a month old! Can't believe it. She's now at 12lbs 5oz. The doctor says she's doing well. She's a night owl though. Well she is if she isn't in the wrap I made. Fia loves her home made Moby Wrap knock off. It does help keep her comfortable while letting me be arms free. I'd recommend this kind of wrap over all others. I had another one I tried to use with Helaina and could never get the hang of it. I am one of those people that think, if I can make it easily, I probably will and skip buying it. This is what I did with the wrap. I had some knit fabric around the house long enough to make 2 wraps. There are tons of these wrap tutorials online.

Our Fia Serenity at 1 month old 
We hope she'll keep her blue eyes. Helaina was born with blue eyes but they are a Hazel now. They turn green when she is upset though. We are waiting to see what color Fia's eyes will be. Life is so interesting with kids.

Many Blessings 

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