Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Real Who's Don't Do What???

Christians!!! Ugh
When Richard and I got married the subject of alcohol at the wedding came up. I was torn because of the different views of drinking. I thought well some Christians are against drinking and would be offended at it. I thought they would talk and think bad of us! I'd ask opinions and others would tell me to do is I wished. They didn't want to tell me what to do so the blame if any wouldn't fall on them. How conveniently sly!
Well Richard stated clearly that he wanted to have a Champagne toast. The British don't make a big deal about alcohol like Americans do apparently. I like the fact that power is not given to something that really doesn't deserve it. So we had our Champagne toast and an open bar. I thought people will talk bad about us if we do or don't. (Yeah we know you do but we'll still be nice to you.) We had a noon Reception and everyone was responsible. That leaves the question for the "Christian" was that wrong?
Today I got an email from a lady that found herself in the same dilemma. She was told by some friends "Real Christians don't drink alcohol!" Um Whoa! Where in the Bible does it anything related to "Thou shall not drink because real Christians don't drink alcohol!."
I looked up the word wind on According to that site, there are 213 references to wine in the bible. I encourage you to look for yourself. Go to or and search the word "wine." As I recall wine is an alcoholic drink. People had wine as an offering to God.

Our Lord and Savior Jesus turned water... wine. Maybe it was because the water was unclean, I don't know. Maybe they just wanted wine for the drink. I haven't gone that far in my research to say. I'm not so bold as to say he was wrong! But we do know their wine is an alcoholic drink because of the warning of getting drunk from it. The Bible encourages drinking wine but warns of over indulgence. I wonder if the Christian who's over weight due to over indulging in food is a sin. I guess we can suggest that real Christians don't eat either!

There are offerings and promises of new wine, there is bathing in it, and abundant supplies of it. Look at Ester 1:7-7:7 and see how many time wine is mentioned. If it wasn't important do you think the writer would have left it out? I don't see them mentioning sandals and bracelets often in those passages! It is forbidden for to certain people for specific reasons in passages. It is not forbidden for everyone.
Sometimes Christians can be overly righteous in areas that really have no biblical bases. It just makes them look "better than." Jesus' greatest commandment is Love. Where is the love in this statement "Real Christians don't drink alcohol!."? That statement is very judgmental and alienates people. That's not love.
So the next time a righteous Christian says "Real Christians don't drink alcohol!" ask the what the definition of a Pharisee is.

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