Friday, October 19, 2007

A Lite Reading...

Hey Yall! Many of God's Blessings to you!
I haven't blogged in a while. Life has been so busy but I find myself thinking wow I should blog about that!
Tonight Rich wanted to put a coat of paint on Ang's chest of draws tonight so it will give us a head start on tomorrow. We've got a full Saturday ahead of us starting with early morning soccer games! Rich relaxed back in the chair after painting I looked over and said Ang's brown looked like "Turd Brown." Rich looked surprised and said in his British accent, "Um... no, it's called English Saddle." Ooops!
After a good laugh we decided to retire to bed. We sit here with our laptops. Rich is playing his computer game and I had the intention of playing The Sims2, but I ran across a few blogs I read. I really like blogs especially the funny ones. I like a light entertaining read. After a long day of here and there, I like to let down light and enjoy the end of another day. Reading is a good way to do it. It can put a comforting spin on life.
As I read other blogs of mothers, I'm finding as parents we all tend to go through the same general things with kids. It's a great circle to be in. I mean how cool is it to bring up a precious person and show them the right way? It is an experience that you can't fully understand until you have personally gone through it. It's a blessing. At times it can feel like a curse. Hopefully we have more blessed days than hard ones.
I have 9 year old twin girls and a 7 year old singleton. My girls are amaze me all the time. No let me correct that, God has amazed me through them. The twins act like me in different stages of my life. It's the strangest thing to me. The oldest twin (by 30 minutes) has my personality when I was a teenager. The younger twin has the personality I had in elementary school. I understand both of them very well. We have a great time laughing, talking and sometimes crying. People say my son acts like me. I only see it when it's actually pointed out. I find myself thinking "Where does he get that from?"
I love to watch him explain things. He's just so cute!
So all three of them have my personality to different degrees. I'm sure I wasn't as entertaining as the oldest, and I think I cried a little more than the youngest. I love my children. They are just so precious. Of course I want to savor this moment... you never know what tomorrow may bring! I'm ending this as a light read while I can! Good night all.

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