Saturday, July 01, 2006


"Life sucks then you die." Used to be a motto of mine. Not sure where I stand now but life right now. The kids had a blast this week at their camp. I was happy seeing them happy. Each day they would come home talking about things and the notes I left in their lunch boxes. I found out who had a crush on who, and who said what funny thing to who. Weird but I didn't get a lesson comment at all until I asked about it. I get the notion my kids when to have fun and party with their friends. It kind of made me think for a minute I missed out on volunteering. But I did like having a life this week. I thought I was going to get somethings done but I did not. But I did accomplish enjoying my time out of the house. See my life is a bit boring compared to the average person my age. I'm low key, stay out of trouble. -No honestly I am!- So this week of camp is over and the excitment may go back down to ground zero. I start my school semester July 10th for 11 weeks. Not really looking foward to that. I guess i'm just in a blah mood right now. Tomorrow isn't going to be a "great day." I'm expecting a phone call from my mom in a few minutes. Why now... I want to cry for friends who has lost her precious child. - God help other words to say.

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