Thursday, August 11, 2005

We're baaaaaaack...

Well, we are all back from Texas. School starts for me on the 22nd for the kids the 18th. We rented a Buick Rendezvous! It was very nice. From Irving, TX to Belleville IL it was about 12 hours. We broke it up in two days. I drove from Irving to Joplin, MO one day and the next Joplin, MO to Belleville IL. Starting from Irving, TX wasn’t so bad. We stopped in Oklahoma City to see the kids Grandmother and Aunt. They all were so excited. The got pictures and I gave them some pictures of the kids. They got to see the Cruise pictures too. It was a nice short visit. We stayed for about 2 hours or so. Then we got back on the road to Joplin. You know this time I don’t remember seeing the big McDonalds arch. Hmm... Weird. Any how we got a hotel at the Motel 6 for a night. It was really late, like 1 almost 2 am. The kids wanted to watch Disney all night long. I let them. I thought hey we are going to be on the road for a while tomorrow maybe they will sleep! So I got some rest and they watched Disney. I think I woke up around 4 am and told them to go to sleep. So much for them staying up all night, or morning! So any how I got up and rearranged the car so they will have all their snacks in the back seat already and cleaned out the car. It was a mess already. The kids had crayons and food crumbs every where. I did really like that car! It had a lot of room. So we washed up, and got on the road about 11am. The drive wasn’t so bad. I had to make my morning calls to let everyone know I was ok. When we got into MO further there were storms off and on the highway. It was a little sprinkle here and there. Then when we got into St. Louis the rain got harder. I avoided traffic by taking 270 to 255 home. Rush hour wasn’t a thing I wanted to go through after driving so long. So we made it home all in one piece. The kids wanted to go to church. It was Wednesday service so we went. I wanted to go anyway. I wasn’t tired out like I usually am. It was a peace about this drive. It was great, one that I can do again. I didn’t dread it. So I was on the road again to go to church. We got welcomed back with open arms. It was a great feeling being back home, and seeing the people we missed. I like Wednesday service a lot more than Sunday. Its less of a rush it’s more relaxed. Any how the kids were told they grew. They did I just haven’t seen it since I’m mom I guess. But the funny thing is, when we got home I measured them against the wall and they are now four feet! I am four feet eleven! So wow the girls are gaining on me! Adrian is right behind them too. I didn’t realize it but they did grow. So back to church… I saw a lot of folks I missed dearly. Rene gave me a great hug. Bad Brad was good to see again too. I wished I could sit out and just chat at the tables but I need Jesus so I thought I shouldn’t skip out on the word! Any how Chris gave me a welcome like no other by putting ice down my back and a big hug. All the others passing by saying welcome back and heeeeey!! Was so great. Anyway life at the house is peaceful. School starts soon. I wonder if I will like this semester… Hummmm…. I hope the kids like theirs. This might be the last semester they are home schooled. I’ll have to see what way God wants us to go. I just know for know he wants me to Graduate :)

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