Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Traveling Home and Back

Hello everybody
Well I started the 4 weeks organization project and basically felt off the tracks completely. Not because I gave up but because a few things that happened. The first was we had to go to Texas for my uncle's funeral. When we got back we just really had to take some time to get back into the swing of things. Traveling with our family of seven which included a toddler, baby and teens wasn't easy. We did enjoy our road trip though. The drive down is 12 hours but with stops and such it was longer.

The kids appreciated the stretch your legs stops. It's amusing traveling with our family. Oh boy do we get the looks. I guess people may wonder just how many people are getting out of that car?? What sort of mixed up family is that? Are they ALL yours? Yada yada we sure have a good laugh at how the stares happen. The photo of Angela above is of her making fun of the stares we got in McDonald's.

They also appreciated their sleep. When they went to sleep I got excited and started talking to Rich while I should have went to sleep. I saw it as quality time with him.

We enjoyed seeing our family, but not on such a sad occasion. A lot of people were saddened by my uncle's passing. This visit was the first time my family got to see baby Fia and Helaina. We were asked if we would consider moving back to TX. Well after seeing my kids be around family, if the Lord gives us an opportunistic job opening then we'll sure take it. We shall see!  The kids didn't want to leave which always makes it hard. 

After a few more photos of the hotel to post for the TripAdvisor.com review we checked out and loaded in the car. It was my time to drive first, so I dressed comfortable with my yoga pants that have never seen a yoga class, comfy t-shirt and finished off with my infamous socks and flip flops.Before I put the pedal to the metal we had to make a stop at 
Whole Foods. While we sat in the car waiting for Rich to come out, I got at text message from a friend who works at the Cowboys Stadium telling me she was at the stadium. Seeing as how we were right down the road we didn't pass up the chance to see our friend. We walked and took photos. We enjoyed our short visit, as usual with her we always have a lot of laughs and a good time. Wished it could have been longer but we needed to get on the road.  

We arrived at home around 2 AM. I remember walking into the house thinking, "Oh wow space! I missed this!" We stayed at a Residence Inn in TX. It was good but I really appreciated being home.  Any how we all came in and finished off sleeping. I missed bible study that morning and it was my turn to bring snacks. Thankfully our friends understood the situation. Fia and Helaina had runny noses and coughs too so that alone would have me stay home. My husband, my hero, the man went to work that same day. #likeaboss! It took us a bit of time to get back to our regular things after the events above.

So as you can see I haven't been following the 4 weeks organization schedule exactly but it does not mean that I have forgotten and have not been organizing. The latest thing I organized was our clear bin of electronic wires and "stuff". We throw all of the misc electronic wires and do-dads in this one bin and it all gets mixed up. We don't know what belongs to what so I decided to make it neat. I ran out of twisty ties so I used clear tape. I labeled our plugged in appliances at the surge protector. It makes the search for which wire goes where much easier.
The mess of wires                                                                            How I'm organizing them 

In the bin 

It's a lot easier to look through and pick up one wire instead of a tangled mess. One of these days I'll get those twisty ties.

My DIY Page Tab: So with all the links I've gotten "homemade DIY wanna be organizing" brain overload! I think I need to slow down. So to help with this, I've made a place to store links of sites that have great recipes, DIY, organizing, sewing projects etc that I will try eventually or that I have tried. It can be found on my DIY page. This way it helps me keep track of all the cool things people have posted online. I'll also give my thoughts on it. Taking this down a notch will lead me into my next blog post...

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