Monday, July 04, 2011

Shaping up!

Hey everyone,

I haven't blogged in quite  a while. The last time I announced that we were having a girl so that was a while ago. Let's see we have just been keeping it low key for now. It's a hot humid summer in St. Louis. Praise God for modern technology - A/C! These are the little things we live with everyday but at one time no one had A/C. O wonder what they did in this area for the hot humid summer weather... I thank God for him giving us witty ideas to make our lives easier!

Speaking of ideas, my Pure Natural Blends products were featured in an online video show review!!! Yippie skippy! I am/was too excited. I admit it was quite an experience to hear someone speak to an audience about my products with before and after photos. It's such a wonderful blessings  to experience that. You can login as a guest to see the live show here:
Maria has amazing tips and knowledge on hair care! She has has a Facebook page here: Naturally Rias Natural Hair Community I redesigned the Pure Natural Blends website. I hope you like it. I'm now working with essential oils to get fragrances that are pleasing. I know, be careful with the essential oils while I'm pregnant... :) I have a few product lines to add too the site too. It's just taking time to do all of what I hope to do.

So besides the business news, I recorded a video a few weeks ago of Helaina working with her shapes and colors. I had encouragement to sell the book and shapes I made! I'm doing it! The book is finished, we have the isbn and the beginnings of a Library of Congress number too. The huge hurdle for me right now is finding a printer to do what I want. I don't want to settle but it seems like no one in the USA does the kind of printing I want. So it might take more time than I'd like. The good thing is I'm working on it! Here is the video of our 1 year old... very soon to be 2 year old working with the book. Her big sister, who is phenomenal with her, Angela is working with her. Please excuse the mess in the video.

Ok that's all for now, I've got much more to say but I don't like epic long blog posts so I'll just post it another time. I hope you all have enjoyed your 4th of July!

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