Thursday, October 21, 2010

October Crafty

We've been crafting and doing some fun things at home. October has been a pretty easy going month as far as being busy. We've had our things on the calendar but nothing like trips around the world :). I do miss England though. I won't go on however I still need to complete the blog draft of our trip.

So we are doing things great at home. This past weekend we went pumpkin picking! This was the first for our whole family! It was quite fun and exciting. I had no idea what to expect but Ekert Farms is a great family place to visit. We truly enjoyed ourselves. We ended up with 6 pumpkins! We took them home and actually carved them. This was also a first for us too. We found out how hard pumpkins were to carve without a kit. We fought through it. Now let me state our beliefs here, we don't celebrate halloween. As our faith is not to glorify death and the scary image of halloween, we don't participate in it. We just don't participate, nor do we judge. We have friends that enjoy the whole thing while we don't. Everyone has their own right to live their life the way they choose. For me, Halloween has never been a day I've enjoyed. I didn't like the scary stuff as a child and I still don't as an adult. Spiders and scary faces aren't fun to me in any way. I've been told that my kids are missing out, um no the kids don't miss a beat. They don't care much for the image of halloween either. They do love costumes though! We don't do witches, skeletons, mummies etc. Our kids get their fair share of sweets and dress up through out the year. So what are we going to do with the carved pumpkins? They are shriveling up right there on the fireplace lol! We carved 4 of them, cooked 1 of them and left the biggest one alone. We also got some neat gourds too. I really like the various shapes and colors of gourds. So we've used them for a little home d├ęcor.

We made pumpkin pie! Yummy!! It was the best pumpkin pie we have ever had! My husband who rarely updates his facebook status actually posted a status about the pie lol! The great thing about it is, the only thing I did was cut the pumpkin in pieces and puree the pumpkin. Our girls did the rest and it turned out great!

My latest thing is knitting! I've learned to knit! I'm so proud of myself because I've always wanted to learn to knit. The two needles were always so neat to see. A great friend of mine gave me the site Wool and The Gang. They've got some wonderful clear videos. I tried the videos on YouTube but I didn't find any good clear ones. My first project was a scarf. Easy right? Yep! My little one got a hold of it and claimed it as hers. The next project is a big soft blanket. :)

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Love Abounds At Home said...

After we came back from the pumpkin patch, I asked Sarah if she was going to carve her pumpkin. She said it was to hard and all she wanted was the seeds to bake them. You should have seen the way she cut the top off that pumpkin. Let's just say had she carved it, it would of looked jacked up! Lol!
So glad your enjoying your family :)