Saturday, March 21, 2009

Kicks and Music.

Well today I'm officially 22 weeks pregnant! Yay. Time is moving right along. It does seem to go slow but when I look back it's moved pretty fast. We had an ultrasound done with a technician that took measurements of the baby. I had a due date of August 1st but from the measurements it confirmed that the due date is actually July 26th. I skipped up about a week that quick! I was happy to hear that. If can negotiate the due date to be around May sometime at the next appointment we will be on a roll then! I am praying for a mild summer. The summers here are very hot and humid. I am thinking I just may be inside most of the month of July! The baby is healthy and we found out we are having a girl! We very pleased about it! Yes we do have a name chosen! She is an active little girl too! Her kicks are getting stronger and stronger. It makes me know that she is there and doing well. My wonderful husband has felt her kicks and is amazed at her activity level. We are just really happy that she will be here soon!

The home building is underway! They have poured concrete and we are waiting for it to cure. I'm praying it will not take a long time for this. The due date and the move date seem to be inching pretty close together.

Besides the pregnancy and home building life has been good. On Fridays I take the children over to Kathy's home for their music lessons. The girls are taking voice lessons and my son is taking piano lessons. I am very well pleased about their progress. We plan to video the girls singing so we can show friends and family. Kathy is very professional and fun with the children. I love sitting and listening in on their lessons. She has the kids attention the whole time and makes music fun. I really appreciate her fun approach to teaching vocal and piano lessons. They have all done very well with her as a teacher. She's written a book called Kids Learn to Sing and has a website for it and clients wanting private lessons to contact her. Visit to see it. I'll try and post a link to the video of the girls singing when it's done.

Well it's a very late night and it's time for me and the baby to get some sleep. My honey says we are going to get me a body pillow tomorrow! Yay!


ILuvBNaMom said...

Wow, time is just flying by! Your little girl will be here before you know it!
You'll love your body pillow - I still use mine and I'm not pregnant anymore!!!

Tawanna said...

You do? That's good to know! I went to Bed Bath and Beyond today and they were so expensive. I couldn't see paying 50.00 for a body pillow! I'm going to the fabric store and getting me some fabric and cotton and making my own for much less. Well that is if we don't find one less expensive.

Terry @ Breathing Grace said...

Congratulations on your impending new arrival.

Alaiyo said...

Wow! I've been away for quite sometime, but congratulations of the impending arrival of your new little one! Here's to hoping the Summer months are kind to you and that you find plenty of spots in the shade!