Saturday, September 06, 2008

Snippets of updates

I've not blogged in a while! Wow well lets see, I've thought of several things to blog about but never made it to the computer to put fresh thoughts to type. I don't recall specific topics but I remember thinking, "Wow I should blog about that." Life has been good. Ever feel that you are on the right track and you fear that something may go wrong or tragedy may hit? I've felt that several times. I try to cast those thoughts out and enjoy the life the Lord has blessed me with. I find my self worrying about things that could happen especially after hearing of tragic events. Do you ever do that? Life is too fragile and precious to waste it away. I hope that you are finding life good yourself.

Well the Lot in Sunset Hills is officially ours! We closed on it August 27th. We are very excited to build a home together. The process has been very interesting. Architecture has always amazed me but it is even more intriguing to see it in process. We had a meeting with the Architect and an General Contractor and they both commented on how easy the process had been with us. Apparently their are couples who get into arguments right there on the spot, making the whole process tense. I don't like it when couples get into tense situations in front of me in a casual social atmosphere. I don't want to imagine what it's like for it to happen in a business type setting. Weird but it happens. The process of building a home has been an intense sort of road to travel for me. It's a privilege, a blessing, and a wonderful opportunity. In this process I've had headaches and stress! I tend to worry so it doesn't help. I have to see a building and walk in it in order to know if I like it. So that is a limitation I'm trying to work with and get beyond. We are just praying for wisdom and favor in the whole process. We are excited about it all despite the stress points.

The kids are ready for school! I am too! They finished in June so we let them have a bit of a break into September. This year they will all be in the Abeka DVD school ( I'm curious about how the year will turn out. When their books came they were all excited to see what they looked like this year. We went out and went school supply shopping. That was fun. I remember going school supply shopping when I was little. It was always some thing I looked forward to. I'm glad the kids are ready for school to start. We have set up the school rooms and are looking forward to the new year. My son will start piano lessons this week. My daughters have been taking voice lessons and have really enjoyed it. Their voice teacher ( said there is exceptional talent there. Of course I was proud to hear that!

Well my personal interest besides photography has turned to sisterlocks once again. I've wanted to have my locks installed back in 2004 but never did. I've been browsing sites and photos and I have to say there are some beautiful hair styles with sisterlocks. I'm excited and can't wait to get them. What are they? Well check out the site it's not all that great but it's where it started. They aren't regular dread locks. also has a lot of sites that show women with sisterlocks.

As far as photography goes, I've just went to a pro account on flickr ( Yay! I'm not quite ready to venture out and book appointments. I'm still in a learning hobby phase. I've seen a few places to sell photos online. So I signed up at a site called Image kind ( ). I've not gone pro on that yet. I'm not sure I really like this site's functionality. I've had upload issues on several occasions. I'm still seeking out places to possibly sell photos online. While I'm doing that I've been enjoying the world of photography. Speaking of photography, we did finally complete our wedding album!! Yay! We are happy with it. Patti did a great job. You can visit her site at

Oh and I didn't mention anything about the presidential campaign in this blog on purpose. Wait, I will suggest not to relay on the TV as your only source of election information.

Well this blog is longer than I thought it would be. Please excuse the typos and grammar errors if any it's bed time. So I'll end it here and wish you all a goodnight, good afternoon, or good day depending on what time you are reading this.

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